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Turtle rescued ! 

Wednesday  September 28th, a sick turtle was rescued by the crew of the Seazen. Back on land, a Grau du Roi team came at the harbor master to retrieve it  for treatment.



September 2016 | Author:  Manuel Henrique


Surfcasting 2016  

From August to September, the club has organized surfcastings events. At each one of them, it is with pleasure that fishermen have gathered on the beaches of Carnon, where they were able to share a convivial moment around a drink offered by the club. Some seabream were tempted by our baits, the larger number of catches was done by Jean -Pierre and the biggest by Rudy !



September 2016 | Author:  Patrick Escoffier


The Master Carnon Fishing Club 2016  

August 27th, 2016 : 22 boats from Carnon and Petite Camargue , a lot of nice people, including Deputy Patrick Vignal, nearly 80 fishermen, including 5 women, a calm sea, everything for a perfect day of fishing. Only the Sharks ( 10) and the rays (5) felt this way , but not a single tuna caught. This is Loben sea IV (APPSG), Captain Benjamin Legeu who won the first prize followed by Bosea II Captain Jean Luc Meissonier (CFC ), 3rd Hibiscus captain Adrien Luu ( CFC). The day ended with the award ceremony followed by a convivial drink. See you next year!



September 2016 | Author:  Michel Lepers & Patrick Escoffier


The Carnon Fishing Club participate to other clubs competions

Saturday July 30th 2016: Le Defi des Sirènes, organised by the CPCA  of Cap d'Agdes. 1st the boat Caïman: 2 tunas catched and relased. The team: Cathy, Odile, Pedro & Patrick.

Sunday August 7th, 2016: National Contest of big game fishing, organised by the ANPG of Narbonne Plage. 1st the boat Season IV: 1 tuna 1,70m, team; Manu, Daniel & Alain.



 Saturday August 20th, 2016: MASTER CAPAGATHOIS DE PECHE, organised by the CPCA of Cap d'Agdes. participants:

   - SAGA with Manu, Daniel, William, Fabrice & Alain.

   - CAYMAN, with Jean-Luc, Patrick & Pedro. 



August 2016 | Author:  Patrick Escoffier


Some fishes catched during one of our fishing trip the month of June




June 2016 | Author:  Patrick Escoffier



March 12th, 2016 conference on big game fishing with lures


During a conference organized by the Carnon Fishing Club at the harbor of Carnon, Cyril Gressot , well known fishing guide in Mediterranean , shared with us his passion for fishing from boat with lures. The conference started with a very informative video on tuna  and Liche fishing, this video was filmed by the Seasons tv channel. It has generated numerous exchanges between the participants, to clarify some points. Cyril then presented the equipment necessary to the success of this very technical fishing and appointments were made for the next season . The conference ended with a nice drink, some members took the opportunity to have lunch in one of the great restaurants of the port of Carnon . 

For more information on Cyril Gressot:

March 2016 | Author:  Patrick Escoffier & Michel Lepers


Mussel from Marseille - February 2016


On February 6th, 2016 the Carnon Fishing Club organized a conference on an ingenious lure : The musselof Marseille. many members came to listen with interest to the passionate inventor of this popular lurre for sea breams. The conference was highly appreciated and it ended with an aperitif .

February 2016 | Author:  Patrick Escoffier


Jols fishing January 2016


On January 30th, 2016 , the Carnon Fishing Club organized a Jols fishing trip . Many members participated and met on the port of Carnon on a sunny morning to a fun party of friendly fishing. Fishing was successful and it ended with a festive drink at the club , where fishermen and their families shared their fishing around the glass of friendship.

January 2016 | Author:  Patrick Escoffier



December 2015 | Author: The board




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